Youth Ministry

Pastor Paul Chrismon

Keystone Hills Youth Ministry (KHYM) is a place where we keep it very simple.  It's relaxed but focused.  We don't need to be flashy or put on big productions for people to meet God.  We believe that Jesus is enough.  Here's what you can expect during a typical Wednesday night gathering.


During our gathering, our worship team will lead us in a number of songs.  KHYM strives to balance new, original music with some of the great music of old.  As we sing our focus is not ourselves or the people around us, but telling Jesus how much we love Him.  So no matter what kind of voice you have, sing out with all your heart.


At KHYM, we believe that the Bible is God's gift to us to show us who He is and what He's done for us. Every week, Pastor Paul teaches straight from the  Bible in a way that is helpful and challenging.  If you don't have a copy of the Bible with you, we have a copy at the entrance - feel free to use one of ours.  If you don't own your own Bible, please take one of ours home as a gift to you.


One of the greatest privieges we have as followers of Jesus is being able to pray with boldness and confidence.  We'll pray together throughout our time and, if you would like to have someone pray for you, any of our leaders or Pastor Paul would be honored to pray with you after the gathering time - you'll find them all around the room, waiting to serve you.


Communion is something that Jesus began the night before he died as a way for His followers to remember and participate in His death on the cross.  At KHYM, we celebrate communion together several times throughout the year.  KHYM welcomes all Believers who actively trust Jesus for salvation, who are willing to turn away from their sin to receive communion with us.


I hope you see you soon at one of our Wednesday night gatherings at 6:15.  We welcome all youth from 7th grade to 99 years old.

Bni soit lEternel Dieu, le Dieu dIsral, qui seul fait des merveilles! Que son nom glorieux soit bni ternellement, que toute la terre soit remplie de sa gloire! Amen! Amen! Psaumes 72:18-19
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